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Monthly Archives: May 2023


My Parent Married A US Citizen. Can I Get Citizenship Too?

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

A marriage is one of the most straightforward ways to obtain a green card, and many Americans become naturalized through this process. But what if you’re not the one who’s actually getting married? What if it’s actually your parent who is getting their green card as a result of their wedding? If your parent… Read More »

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When Might I Need To Renounce My US Citizenship?

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

People renounce their citizenship for many reasons. Some become disillusioned with the activities of their home nation – wishing to distance themselves from their home nation in an act of political protest. Others simply renounce their citizenship as a matter of convenience – preferring to deal only with one nation in the future. Some… Read More »

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Biden’s New Proposed Immigration Laws Explained

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

These days, it seems like immigration laws are changing with each passing day. Biden has recently proposed a number of changes that he believes are necessary as we move into a post-pandemic world – but many pro-immigration activists are not happy. They claim that Biden’s promises of being softer on immigration weren’t true, and… Read More »

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Can You Immigrate To The United States After Committing War Crimes?

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

Many people flee to the United States from war-torn regions, perhaps after being forced to serve in foreign militaries. It’s almost impossible to disobey direct orders when you’re in the military, and many asylum seekers have carried out terrible acts while serving in these foreign militaries. But can these “war crimes” really make you… Read More »

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US Student Visas: The Benefit Of Planning Ahead

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

The United States is home to some of the most prestigious and widely-respected universities on the planet. Names like Harvard and Stanford are known around the world, and it never hurts to have these Ivy League institutions on your resume. On the other hand, Florida has some of the most affordable four-year degrees in… Read More »

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