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Monthly Archives: March 2023


Can You “Win” US Citizenship?

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

Sometimes, it seems like pursuing US citizenship is a bit of a lottery. The wait times are excessive, and the backlogs are tiresome. Some people wait years before they get their green cards, while others have waited decades. Some give up entirely, heading back to their home countries after being utterly dissuaded from making… Read More »

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Migrant Sponsorship Program Causes Major Controversy

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

The United States often comes up with new programs in order to improve its immigration system. Of course, the definition of “improve” depends entirely on the administration currently in office. The prior administration saw a border wall as an improvement, while the current administration sees an increased level of migration as a positive sign…. Read More »

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Is It Easier To Enter The USA Through The Canadian Border?

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

If you’re thinking about crossing into the United States, you might be wondering whether the Canadian border might offer an easier entry point. You’re not alone in this logic, and many migrants have entered Canada only to immediately attempt to cross the northern border into the United States. But is this really the best… Read More »

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Biden’s Immigration Reform Plan Explained

By Devore Law Group, P.A. |

After Biden’s State of the Union Address, the conversation on immigration has once again shifted to the administration’s immigration bill – also known informally as the “dreamer bill” in some circles. Although this framework was first revealed on Biden’s very first day in office, it has gone through many changes since then. Now, it… Read More »

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