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What You Need to Know About Paperless US Visas


The transition to a more digitally integrated immigration system is well underway in the United States. The latest modernization project involves new paperless visas that will soon be introduced on a wide scale. This comes after the technology was successfully tested by immigration overseers. Both immigrants and US residents will now need to determine how to make this transition in an effective manner.

What Is a Paperless Visa? 

Many people might not be aware of what a US visa actually is. Despite its name, a visa has nothing to do with credit cards. It is essentially a special permit that allows you to enter the country under very specific conditions. Many people also get visas confused with passports, which are travel documents that help establish your identity when you cross international borders.

Prior to the introduction of the new paperless system, a visa was a physical document placed within your passport. Paperless visas remove the need for this, and your visa will no longer be physically “attached” to your passport. Instead, the visa will become a digital file. It will be stored in a database, and the visa information will still be “attached” to your identity – just not in a physical sense.

What Changes Do I Need to Make? 

US immigration officials estimate that it will take about 18 months before the new paperless system is fully implemented – giving you plenty of time to make the necessary changes. Officials noted that as they begin implementing this new paperless system, they will probably introduce some kind of app. This is very important information for both immigrants and US residents, as both parties may need to download this app as soon as it becomes available.

If you are planning a move to the United States and you need a visa, you will need to keep a close eye on these developments. Consider consulting with an immigration attorney to determine exactly what kinds of changes you need to make – as things are still somewhat unclear as of this writing. For example, it’s not clear whether the older paper visas will still be valid after the introduction of this new system, or whether all visa holders will need to transition to the paperless app as soon as it is introduced.

In general, however, you might actually need to take fewer steps when approaching a paperless visa. By its very definition, a paperless visa requires less paperwork and therefore fewer chances for things to go wrong. In theory, this system should streamline visa applications. This is a much-needed priority for the US immigration system – especially when you consider the excessive wait times and delays associated with the current administrative process.

Find an Immigration Attorney in Palm Beach County 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced immigration attorney in Palm Beach County, look no further than the Devore Law Group. We know that the immigration system in the United States is constantly changing – and we can help you adapt to these changes in an efficient manner. By taking advantage of certain technological developments, you can approach your immigration journey in a streamlined fashion. Reach out today and book your consultation.




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