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US Immigration Policy Hinges On A Supreme Court Decision


While the President of the United States has considerable control over immigration policy in this country, he is still held accountable by the other legislative branches – namely the Supreme Court. This is a lesson Biden is having to come to terms with as he makes his case to SCOTUS in late 2022. The court’s decision will have a major impact on how immigration works in this country, specifically in regards to the enforcement (or unenforcement) of certain policies. But how does this affect you as an immigrant to the United States?

What Is This All About?

 The Supreme Court is trying to figure out how to enforce immigration laws. This has become a major issue because different states have very different opinions on how these laws should be enforced. Some states prefer to take a much more laissez-faire approach, preferring not to enforce certain immigration laws and allowing migrants to live and work in the United States without much interference. Other states take a much more “by the book” approach, enforcing existing immigration laws exactly how they are written.

One of the questions that the Supreme Court will be forced to answer is whether states can sue the Department of Homeland Security for preventing state immigration attorneys from doing their jobs. The dispute is extremely detailed, and judges are now being forced to dissect the meaning of words like “shall” in this country’s immigration law. Some judges have interpreted this word to mean “may,” while others see it as a direct imperative like “must.”

The issue is that even if the immigration laws in this country are interpreted in such a way that all illegal immigrants must be deported, that simply wouldn’t be possible with the nation’s current resources. There are approximately 11 million undocumented migrants in this nation. This is just a rough estimate, and many claim that the real number is much, much higher. So anyway you slice it, the immigration authorities must decide where to direct their existing resources.

In other words, they must prioritize – deporting certain immigrants first and foremost based on the Biden Administration’s guidelines. The problem is that not all states agree with these guidelines, with some stating that they are being prevented from deporting migrants as a result. Biden’s policies represent a more relaxed approach. If you are an undocumented migrant in today’s America, you don’t really need to be worried unless you are a national security threat or you have a long history of criminal activity. This relaxed policy is what so many states are fighting against. If they win, individual states could once again have the power to deport any and all illegal immigrants regardless of the federal guidelines set by the president.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Immigration Attorney in Palm Beach County? 

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