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What Happens After You Get Deported?


For many people in the United States, deportation is something they’d rather not think about. Even though it may represent a looming threat, it doesn’t make sense to live in fear. But what happens when this ceases to be just a possibility? What happens if it becomes your reality? Suddenly, you may need to determine exactly what happens during the deportation process – and whether there is any possibility of staying in the country.

How Do You Find Out You’re Being Deported? 

Sometimes, deportation proceedings commence after an arrest. For example, you might have been arrested for a “deportable offense.” In other situations, immigration officials may find out that you’re living in the country illegally and take you into custody – even if you have not committed any other crime. Others receive notices by mail. These letters inform you that deportation proceedings have commenced against you. Most lawyers recommend that you leave voluntarily if possible, as this allows you to re-enter the United States in the future.

How Will I Leave?

According to the US government, most people are deported by air. You will not have to pay for your flight out of the country. Sometimes, deportees travel by a combination of ground and air transport. Most deportees leave via flights from “Charter Operational Locations” in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Where Will I Go?

 In most cases, you will be deported back to your home nation. However, many people are deported to Mexico, even if this is not their original home nation. Some of these flights are highly controversial. For example, the US recently sent dozens of Haitian citizens back to their home nation, which is currently struggling with serious civil disorder and unrest. In contrast, the UK tends to send some people to Rwanda – even if they are not from Rwanda.

How Do I Fight Deportation? 

You can potentially fight deportation in a “removal hearing.” This is your opportunity to challenge the reasons for your deportation. There are many reasons for potential deportation, and it makes sense to familiarize yourself with your alleged “crimes” before creating a defense strategy.

Sometimes, simply delaying this process could be an effective move. For example, the Biden Administration announced in 2024 that it was considering granting temporary legal status to illegal immigrants married to US citizens. New developments such as these may allow you to stay in the United States and avoid deportation. Speak with a deportation defense lawyer to assess specific strategies that may be effective based on your unique situation.

Deportation Is Not Guaranteed 

It is important to remember that deportation is not guaranteed. When facing the threat of deportation, you can defend yourself with help from a lawyer. Choose The Devore Law Group to work with experienced deportation defense attorneys in Palm Beach County. With our help, you can fight to stay in the nation. Reach out today to book a consultation.





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