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Under Pressure from the House, Biden Considers Serious Immigration Changes


It might seem unthinkable, but a war halfway across the world might have a serious effect on the way the United States handles immigration on its own borders. Faced with a stubborn House filled with Republicans, Biden is struggling to get further Ukraine funding approved. The House Republicans are seemingly refusing to budge unless Biden offers serious concessions when it comes to immigration. Regardless of your political stance, this is something you might want to discuss with your immigration lawyer.

How Ukraine Affects American Immigration Law 

In December of 2023, it was reported that the House Republicans were making a rather straightforward argument: They were more concerned with the domestic national security interests than foreign policy concerns. In other words, they would rather strengthen the US border rather than fund Ukraine’s war. While expressing their sympathies toward the Ukrainian people, House Speaker Johnson stressed that in his point of view, the so-called border crisis was too serious to ignore. According to him and his Republican colleagues, it didn’t make sense to send billions of dollars to Ukraine when border security desperately requires greater attention.

The end result? Biden is seemingly unable to approve further funding for Ukraine unless he makes certain concessions regarding the border. These concessions may lead to a much more Draconian approach to border security than we have seen in the past from the Biden administration – and this is something that prospective and current immigrants must be aware of.

Republican demands center around three key issues: Asylum, humanitarian parole, and deportations. If these demands are met, deportations could increase dramatically while immigrants enjoy less access to asylum and humanitarian parole.

The asylum issue is perhaps the most notable, as it would seriously raise the standards for acceptance into the United States. Asylum seekers would shoulder a much greater burden of proof as they seek to establish that they are fleeing from legitimate issues in their home countries. What was previously a fast-tracked asylum process could now take several years to complete.

The opposite would be true for deportations if these changes occur. While the asylum process would slow to a crawl, the deportation process would kick into high gear – and thousands of people may suddenly find themselves on one-way flights back to their home countries. If you are concerned about deportation, you might want to speak with an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Immigration Attorney in Palm Beach County 

Although geopolitical events have the potential to cause serious confusion for immigrants, you can proceed with confidence alongside an experienced immigration lawyer in Palm Beach County. Book a consultation with the Devore Law Group today to discuss how recent changes might affect your chances of immigrating to the United States in the near future. We keep a close eye on the latest developments within America’s immigration system – and we can help you get started with up-to-date, effective strategies.




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