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The Darien Gap: One Of The Most Dangerous Routes For US Migrants


Migrants have many options when trying to reach the United States. As we have seen in the past, almost every possible route has been explored – whether it’s the frozen, northern border with Canada or the treacherous, crime-ridden southern border. But one of the most popular – and dangerous – routes available to migrants is the Darien Gap. Those familiar with the US immigration system know that this route has a sordid reputation – but you may have never heard of it. Let’s explore the Darien Gap in greater detail and learn why multiple nations are attempting to close it.

What Is the Darien Gap? 

The Darien Gap is a stretch of land between Panama and Columbia. It connects the North and South American continents, and it is covered with forests and mountains. There are few roads in this region, as much of the Pan-American Highway was never built here due to environmental and economic concerns. That being said, the Darien Gap has been traversed by a few brave individuals in off-road vehicles. It has been a crucial area even before the Europeans arrived in the area, but it was eventually “tamed” by settlers and became a vital component of trade for the Panama Railroad and the Panama Canal.

Today, it attracts a few notable crowds: The first are adventure hikers that see the Darien Gap as a challenge. The second are migrants who see the route as the only viable way to move into the North American continent. Despite the fact that the Gap is seen as virtually impassable on foot, this hasn’t stopped countless migrants from attempting the journey. Tragically, the journey involves not only hazards from the natural environment, but also opportunistic criminals who take the opportunity to rape, rob, and murder migrants.

This means that even when migrants choose somewhat safer routes by motorboat around the Gulf of Uraba, these inherent dangers are still present. Many migrants travel first to Ecuador from places as far as South Asia and the Middle East before attempting to cross the Darien Gap into the United States.

Multiple Nations – Including the USA – Aim to Close the Darien Gap 

On April 11th, Panama, Columbia, and the United States announced a joint, 60-day operation to close the Darien Gap. This comes after a report stating 90,000 migrants have moved through the Darien Gap within just the first three months of this year. The plan not only involves improving security at the gap, but also investing in creating jobs and infrastructure in Panama and Columbia. The goal is to encourage people in these areas to work legal jobs instead of joining the lucrative human-smuggling industry.

 Choose a Safer Route: Work with the Devore Law Group 

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