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Family vs. Skilled Worker Immigration – Which Is Easier in the United States?


Two of the most popular ways to get US green cards involve either family ties or employment skills. Both of these options have the potential to provide immigrants with green cards in a relatively streamlined manner. Both also certainly offer better results compared to the “default” option of simply applying for a basic green card and hoping for the best. But which option has the greater chance of success? Should you rely on your relatives, or should you fall back on your employment skills?

Immigrants Who Pursue Worker Visas Find Living in the United States Easier 

Generally speaking, most agree that immigrants who receive worker visas achieve a higher standard of living compared to those who pursue family visas. The reason is simple: If you have been given a work visa, companies in the United States are probably desperate to hire you. After all, skilled worker programs are specifically geared toward attracting foreign workers that the United States needs.

That being said, some worker visas are more important than others. Certain industries may be prioritized more than others, and the United States may push important workers through the immigration system faster than those who are only in moderate demand. In addition, some work skills are simply rarer than others. In certain fields, there might only be a handful of people on the planet qualified to carry out specific jobs.

Family Visas Represent the Most Common Way to Immigrate 

With all that said, the vast majority of legal immigrants to the United States rely on kinship ties. Perhaps most notably, there are no “caps” on family visas for spouses, minor children, and parents of US citizens. This means that the United States (at least theoretically) could allow an infinite number of family members into the country each year. The statistics support this notion, with almost 70% of all green cards awarded based on family ties each year.

In contrast, there are certain caps related to worker visas. After all, the United States does not need every single computer science major or agricultural worker on the planet. The American economy may be a powerhouse, but the need for skilled workers is finite. With all that said, the best route toward a green card depends on your unique situation – and you may need to discuss this situation further alongside an immigration attorney.

Find an Immigration Attorney in Palm Beach County 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced immigration attorney in Palm Beach County, look no further than the Devore Law Group. Over the years, we have helped numerous immigrants choose the best route toward a new home in the United States. The truth is that both family immigration and work visas represent positive choices. The best option depends entirely on your circumstances, and you can discuss these circumstances during a consultation. By taking your unique situation into account, we can recommend the option with the highest chance of success.




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