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Can You Get a US Visa by Buying a Farm?


The agricultural industry is a vibrant part of Florida’s economy, and many foreign investors contribute to this sector in various ways. If you’re planning to move to Palm Beach County as a business immigrant, you might be wondering if investing in the agricultural sector can provide you with a visa. While the answer is slightly complicated, this should be possible. Follow a few basic steps, and you can obtain a US visa simply by owning and operating a farm in Florida.

Purchasing a Farm or Ranch Under the EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program 

If you plan to purchase a farm or ranch as an immigration strategy, you might want to consider the EB-5 program. Arguably the most appropriate program for this specific purpose, this visa applies to all immigrant investors. As long as you invest a certain amount of money in the new agricultural project and hire qualified US workers, you can get a conditional, 2-year green card. From there, it may be easy to get a permanent residency card that lasts up to ten years. Although your permanent residency card is renewable indefinitely, you may also eventually pursue full citizenship.

You Can’t Simply Buy a Farm and Do Nothing with It 

It is important to note that simply purchasing agricultural land will not provide you with a visa of any kind. You may assume that you can purchase land, plant a few vegetables, and claim that you are running an agricultural business – but this is not the case. In order to obtain your EB-5 visa, you actually need to accomplish very specific goals with your new farm or ranch. In the United States, you cannot obtain a visa simply by purchasing real estate. That said, it may be relatively easy to meet the requirements of an EB-5 visa with a new agricultural business.

Agricultural Businesses May Streamline the EB-5 Visa Process 

Agricultural businesses have numerous features that may streamline the EB-5 visa process. First of all, farmland usually exists in rural areas – and this qualifies as a “targeted employment area” under USCIS rules. As a result, you only need to invest $800,000 in your new farm. For other types of businesses, you may need to invest at least $1.05 million.

Creating Full-Time Job Opportunities Is Critical 

The main challenge associated with these businesses is the mandatory creation of at least ten full-time employment opportunities. Rural businesses like farms must directly create these jobs, which means that the farm must be the direct employer of the new workers. In contrast, companies within “regional centers” can indirectly create jobs to qualify for the EB-5 visa.

In addition, you cannot employ temporary or seasonal workers to qualify. These individuals must be hired on a full-time basis, and they must be US citizens, permanent residents, or immigrants authorized to work in the USA. Nonqualifying employees include immigrant investors, families of immigrant investors, H1-B workers, and others.

Find a Qualified Business Immigration Attorney in Florida 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced business immigration lawyer in Palm Beach County, look no further than the Devore Law Group. With our help, you can explore numerous investment opportunities associated with purchasing ranches or farms in Florida. This could provide a pathway to citizenship and permanent residency, but you must approach this process efficiently. Book a consultation today to get started.




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