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USA Conducts “Mass Deportation” of Chinese Migrants


Mass deportations are relatively rare in the United States. Most of the time, a handful of individuals are deported – and they are often sent to Mexico regardless of nationality. However, the United States sometimes deports over 100 people in a single move. The most recent mass deportation of this nature occurred in July of 2024, and it involved Chinese migrants. How can you avoid being deported as a Chinese migrant? Work with a deportation defense lawyer in Palm Beach County for clear answers.

Mass Deportation Shines Light on Growing Issue 

In July of 2024, Homeland Security announced that it had expelled 116 Chinese migrants, sending them home on what they described as a “mass charter flight.” It appears that all of these migrants boarded a single plane. Homeland Security stated that future deportation flights were possible, and that they were working directly with the Chinese government to facilitate the deportations. In previous years, Chinese officials have expressed a reluctance to accept these migrants back into their nation.

This mass deportation shines light on a growing issue in the United States. Chinese migrants are among the most numerous non-Mexican individuals who attempt to cross the southern border. In 2023, almost 40,000 Chinese nationals were arrested while trying to cross into the United States illegally. This represents almost 10 times the number of Chinese people arrested while crossing in 2022. Inevitably, the majority of Chinese migrants crossed successfully without being arrested – and it is unclear how many of them are currently living in the United States.

Many Chinese nationals arrive in Ecuador before attempting to cross the perilous Darien Gap. Journalists have exposed the incredible number of Chinese individuals amassing in this area, and this is becoming a full-blown crisis for immigration officials across the Americas.

What Can a Deportation Defense Lawyer Do for You? 

A deportation defense lawyer can help you avoid deportation with a number of strategies. They may be able to negotiate on your behalf with immigration authorities, allowing you to remain in the United States and apply for a visa. Deportation defense lawyers can also represent you during bond hearings, fighting on your behalf and questioning the legitimacy of your deportation. During these headings, deportation defense lawyers may also present evidence on your behalf, question witnesses, and provide oral arguments.

Visa Options for Chinese Migrants

 There are various visas that may be suitable for Chinese migrants who want to remain in the United States. An obvious choice is a work visa, and your lawyer can help you target the most suitable work opportunities in the United States. You might also qualify for a business visa or an investment visa.

Find an Experienced Deportation Defense Lawyer in Palm Beach County 

If you’ve been searching for a deportation defense lawyer in Palm Beach County, look no further than The Devore Law Group. Over the years, we have helped numerous migrants defend themselves against potential deportations. We know how traumatic and worrying this prospect can be, but you’re not alone. Reach out today, book a consultation, and discuss your next steps in more detail.




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